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Hot Town, Summer Storms in the City!




Hi, friends!

It sure has been a while since we did one of these newsletters.  Do people still do newsletters?  I guess we do!  It’s been crazy times, but we’re starting to get back into the swing of things, and are booking shows again. We wanted to tell you all about it!  

We had a really fun time at Old Shawnee Pizza last month. We played to an absolutely packed audience, and I’m told there was a waitlist to get into the bar side where we were playing! Thank you to all our friends who came out to see us!  We’re going to be there again in July and we sure are looking forward to it!  We also went off the beaten path and attempted to class it up a bit at the Lake Quivira Country Club.  We were a little intimidated at first, but folks were super nice and seemed glad that we were there. 

We’ve got a new way to follow our upcoming dates, too - you can follow us in BandsInTown, and that’s where we post all our show dates. Check it out and give us a ‘follow’!  

Here’s what we’ve got coming up: 

Friday, June 3rd, 2022. @ 7:30 PM

The Summer Storms - Outdoors at Strang Hall          SET REMINDER

Overland Park, KS                                

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 @ 6:00 PM

The Summer Storms @ OSP Lenexa                          SET REMINDER

Lenexa, KS                                         

Saturday, August 20th, 2022 @ 6:00 PM

The Summer Storms @ OSP Lenexa                         SET REMINDER

Lenexa, KS                                         


A few moments from our evening at Old Shawnee Pizza

And of course, you can always find our music on Spotify, Amazon, and just about anywhere else you can stream music! (did you know Napster is back?!)  


Oh, and if you'd like to see a REAL summer storm rolling into our city, check out this cool time-lapse video that a local redditor posted.

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!  

~Amanda, Thaddeus & Michael

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February weather report

Good spring to you!

Oh, wait - is it not spring yet? That must be why there are still icicles out the window. Harumph.  Well, we have quite a spring schedule ahead of us!  March is absolutely packed full of excitement, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with you all!

Our big news is that we’re going to be hosting a recurring event at Conroy’s Westwood, on the last Wednesday of each month.  We’ll start with a short set, and then open up the mic and invite friends to share their music. We love Conroy’s - it’s been a home away from home for us when we’re in the mood for a beer and really good food. (Might we recommend the chicken fried chicken, irish curry, or a stellar mac & cheese?) We’ve got dates scheduled through the end of October, and we’re excited for it to be a success!

Other excitement:  We’ve got a new website! Thaddeus has quite an eye for it, and put together this beauty. Check it out for music, photos, videos, lyrics, and more!  www.thesummerstorms.com

We’ll be back at The Mockingbird for a Songbird Sundays again on 3/10; we’re starting the busiest week of our music lives, revisiting Ryan’s in Tonganoxie for a reprise on Sunday 3/24 (and no competing Chiefs game this time around!); the first open Mic at Conroy’s on Wednesday,  then a pop-up concert with some friends at Hook Gallery in Westport on Friday; and finishing up with an afternoon at Bar K Dog Bar on Saturday. Whew! We get tired just thinking about it, but it’s gonna be so fun. We hope to see you out at one or more of the events that week!


Details about the shows:


Sunday, March 10 @ The Mockingbird Lounge Kansas City, KS

Still one of our favorites, join us for a night of music (opening act TBA) and some of the best cocktails in town by our favorite Sunday night bartender, Micah!  Music starts at 8:00!


Sunday, March 24 @ Ryan’s Public House Tonganoxie, KS

We’re looking forward to being back at Ryan’s!  If you haven’t made the trip out to meet the lovely owners, and their lovely rooster, you simply must make the trip. Not too far out of Kansas City (about a 15 minute drive from Legends) they’ve got a great little community for a Sunday matinee show (4-6)!


Wednesday, March 27  Open Mic @ Conroy’s Westwood, KS

This is the inaugural event for our last-Wednesday open mic night we’ll be hosting at Conroy’s Westwood. They’re at 47th & Rainbow, with ample parking, great beer, and a fantastic food menu. Bring your own music, or come & enjoy the tunes of a variety of local musicians! See you there!


Friday, March 29 @ Hook Gallery Westport, KCMO

We’re taking over Hook Gallery for the night, for a pop-up show! We’ll be playing with Erin Eades and Rigby Summer (you may know her as ‘summerland’ prior to a recent rebranding). There’s a $10 suggested donation at the door, but we’re asking folks to only give as they’re able. We want this to be a cozy, community event!


Saturday, March @ Bar K Dog Bar Kansas City, MO

Bring your dogs! Drink some beer! We’ll be out on the patio (if the weather cooperates) with an afternoon show, complete with dogs romping around, and possibly singing along with the harmonica.  We’ll play rain or shine, but the time may shift to accommodate, or we may move inside. Either way, it’s sure to be a helluva good time with our furry friends!


If you haven’t checked out our EP yet, Bootlegger, you can find it on Spotify, or drop us a message if you’d like to get your hands on a physical copy!  You can also find us on all major music streaming sites. If you’re a Spotify user, we’d really appreciate it if you’d follow us on Spotify, it really helps rack up magical internal points that make life worth living.  


And of course, you can always follow us on Facebook and BandsInTown to keep up with us!


Thanks from Amanda, Thaddeus & Michael

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Bootlegger EP Available Now!

In December we released our debut EP, "Bootlegger". We'd love it if you'd give us a listen! If you like what you hear, please be sure to follow us on facebook and spotify. Also - please let us know if you'd like a physical copy! https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thesummerstorms/fN9J